After a decade of research carried out by Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish and Italian researchers, we decided to create a digital network that integrates and articulates research centres, institutions and researchers from both two regions – South America and Southern Europe – concerned with the study of the great international migrations that occurred between the two regions. The construction of this network thus seeks to create a new space for close cooperation, reflection and exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences, based on the use of new technologies, in order to better deepen, problematize, innovate and disseminate scientific research in a thematic area that proves to be fundamental for understanding a cultural heritage common to both regions, an unavoidable element of the society, economy, culture and mentality of Southern Europe and South America countries to the present.

With this objective, we provide various resources, such as scientific studies, databases, project dissemination, information about the researchers involved and news about events surrounding this issue. This way, we hope to establish a fundamental meeting point for all those interested in the study of emigration between Southern Europe and South America – researchers, teachers and all those curious to know more about their roots.